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Web Site Design for personal, professional and business use.

Office for Web Site Designing by D.R.S. Design Inc. or DRS DI

Office Picture taken during Office Reconstruction

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Web Design by
D.R.S. Design Inc.

Do you need, or ever thought you would like to have, your own Web site? Maybe you have an old site and would like to update or make it compliant to current standards. If so, now is your opportunity! We will repair or design and build your Web site to your specifications. We can take your raw material and make a validated, easily found web site you will be proud of. We can do this for you at affordable rates from our home based business.

Helping You and Yours
To a Better Future

There has been recent data released indicating that consumers are increasingly spending more of their shopping time on the internet. With these uncertain times and any down turn in the economy, this trend will only increase. If you don't have an online presence, you are missing out on the action. Remember, if they can't find you, they can't deal with you. Also remember the World Wide Web can open up your business well beyond your local area.

We want to offer you the value of an Affordable Professional Web Site that will give you an effective online presence with refined, validated code suitable for this modern advancing age as well as being backwards compatible. Don’t underestimate the power of good design. There is little value in a web site that will not be crawled by search engine spiders. If your site is invisible to the web crawler, you won't be found.

Possibly you want a business web site to present your worldwide services to the masses or a family web site. Maybe your Sports, Social or Hobby club want a bulletin board or meeting place! Possibly you manage a Strata Corporation or are a Council Member. A Web site will provide a simple way to keep the owners and members posted and updated. We can set you up.

If you have decided you would like a Web site of your own, please email us. Then by email or any means you choose, you can send us what you want in your new Site. We can have a simple, clear, concise Web site designed and running for you in a short time.

We can provide basic as well as extended indexing service. This can include submitting your site to relevant directories and much more. Remember, over 80% of all online transactions begin with a keyword search. In today's competitive markets, you need this online advantage.

We undergo rigorous testing in our validation process. You may wonder why. There are a number of important benefits of clean code and passing all possible validation tests. If you wish, we can provide you with a dozen validation buttons right on your site so you or a visitor can check it out to their satisfaction. We write code in accordance to the standards established by the W3C international standards organization for the world. Clean validated code enables your site to be viewed by more visitors, which in turn can mean more customers, contacts, sales and online power.

With the DRSDI standard of design, here are some advantages you will have:

To retain a good placing with search engines, regular updating is advisable. A good backup and maintenance plan is important. We can make yearly contracts for all such services.

We work by contract, primarily from our home office. This enables delivery of high grade economy-priced work directly to you

Free hours are invested for your satisfaction.

Want your Website to display acceptably for anyone,
on any browser or operating system, hire D.R.S. Design Inc.

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