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Web Site Design for personal, professional and business use.

Office for Web Site Designing by D.R.S. Design Inc. or DRS DI

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Helping You to a Better Future

      Are you ready for the future?

Facing a recession is challenging and it can also be exciting, because it gives us an opportunity to prove our worth. Online advertising has proven to be the most effective method for reaching people. As times get tougher, people are going to spend less and search more. There is one free and readily available source for information and that is to surf the net!

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      Do you have a web site?

If you don't have your own web site you need one and if you do, you may still need us to work with you to achieve the ultimate practical communicative goal. You need a clear, specific and compelling site to get people’s attention and to keep it. Once you get a visitor to you site, you only have moments to keep them from surfing on. If your site is simple, appealing and credible it will hold their attention until you can get your message across. High end design, graphics and unique content aid in forming personal and client trust as well as accurately reflecting the quality and style of your interests and business.

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      Can you be found?

There is no use having a well designed web site if no one can find it. We will help you with this desired goal. This is called Search Engine Optimization. It is all about designing and presenting your web pages in a manner that potentially interested persons can find you when they search for your theme, image, products or services. This all starts with careful design accompanied by accurate, valid coding and text, fully compatible with any OS and any browser. This is very significant. To be found easily, it is also necessary to make use of well picked, placed, likely used keywords for a search engine query.

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      What should SEO do for you?

Have you considered what Search Engine Optimization will do for you? SEO puts your web pages quickly in front of potential customers or agents in an attractive manner. Targeted web traffic starts with Search Engine Optimization. You want to be found quickly, found first and you want them to have fast, rich and reliable information.

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      How is you SEO goal accomplished?

SEO advertisements will promise you, for large money, that your website will be positioned on the first page of all major search engines. If it were that simple, everyone would be there! Real working SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic over a period of time to a web site from search engines using natural search results. To attain to desired goals takes time, patience and skill. D.R.S. Design Inc. can help you with that process through Meta tags, content recommendations, theme presentation, keyword selection, valid code and the submission of your site to all the major search engines and directories. DRSDI can also give free advice on how to be more easily found making use of other sources, if you want to do some of the work yourself.

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      Do you want a Web Designer located locally?

DRSDI is located at the centre of activity between Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, Canada. We have done web sites for Western North America, but only limit our area to all the out-reach of the World Wide Web. However, if you are located in the Lower Main Land of British Columbia, Canada, we can make personal appointments, on-site visits, giving personality to your web site. Wherever you are, we want to help you with your World Wide Web image.

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      Free hours are invested for your satisfaction.

Web Design Construction by D.R.S. Design Inc.

Our Court Yard in the Spring

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